Steens Mountain is located in the remote Southeastern corner of Oregon—about as far as you could get from the Tillamook area without leaving Oregon! It is less than 50 miles from the Nevada border stretching across more than 30 miles. Most unique is the fact that the wilderness area covers 170,200 Acres!  The terrain is very rugged and known for its jagged peaks and deep gorges, which is the perfect set up for breathtaking views! 

The Steens abruptly rise up from the sagebrush desert to nearly 10,000 feet. This geological monument also forms one of the largest fault-block mountain ranges in the Great Basin.

What makes this area truly amazing is the diverse ecosystem, from lush alpine meadows with bright colorful wildflowers to hidden glacial lakes nestled high among the peaks!

The unique blend of scenery creates a haven for a wide range of wildlife including, various bird species, golden eagles, owls, wild horses, rattlesnakes, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, and one single rocky mountain goat!  You heard me right, there is only ONE rocky mountain goat currently living in the Steens Mountains according to ODFW in Burns, Oregon, and we were lucky enough to see him just 50 yards off the jagged cliff in September! (picture attached!)


One mile below the East Base of Steens Mountain is the Alvord Desert and along its edge you will find Alvord Hot Springs! After a long day of fishing, hiking or hunting, you will want to make sure to check this place out and relax in the twin concrete pools that date back to the 1940’s! The water coming out of the ground is 170 degrees, but cools when it mixes with the water above ground in the soaking pools.

The best way to enjoy this unique scenery is by car along a scenic driving route that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area, including the Alvord Desert! The loop is 59 miles long, takes about 4 hours to travel and includes the highest road in Oregon! You will literally be on top of Oregon!


Alvord Hot Springs

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