Do you ever find yourself traveling and wonder where the locals like to eat? Nestled along the picturesque shores of Netarts Bay in Oregon, The Schooner Restaurant and Lounge stands as a beacon of culinary excellence and local charm, making it a local favorite. For those travelers seeking an authentic taste of coastal life, this hidden gem is a must-visit destination and one of my favorites in Tillamook County! 

As you arrive at the boat launch of Netarts Bay, you're greeted by the inviting ambiance of The Schooner. Designed after a schooner sailing vessel, its rustic yet elegant exterior sets the tone for a dining experience that promises great food and breathtaking views.

The Schooner has been committed to sourcing the freshest…

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OHA, Oregon Hunters Association, plays a vital role in preserving Oregon hunting and conserving wildlife habitats, as well as advocating for the interest of both hunters and the outdoor enthusiast! Supporting OHA means investing in the future of hunting traditions, outdoor recreation opportunities, and the preservation of wildlife for many generations to come. As well as fighting to protect your right to hunt!

OHA is dedicated to promoting hunting, conservation, and outdoor recreation throughout the state of Oregon. OHA undertakes many activities, including but not limited to:

  1.       Providing education programs, workshops and resources to hunters to promote ethical hunting practices, firearm safety, and wildlife conservation. As…

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Have you ever craved the excitement of dining out, indulging in dishes that transcend the boundaries of your home kitchen? That's precisely the allure of Bay City Kitchen, nestled in the heart of Bay City, Oregon. Recently, I had the pleasure of experiencing its culinary delights, spurred by enticing reviews and a revamped menu.

Stepping into Bay City Kitchen, my senses were immediately captivated by the aroma of freshly prepared dishes and the welcoming ambiance. Accompanied by a dear friend, we embarked on a culinary adventure that left an indelible impression.

Our lunch selections were nothing short of spectacular. I opted for the tantalizing crab fried rice, accompanied by a velvety vanilla latte, while my companion savored the geoduck…

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We live in arguably one of the prettiest parts of the PNW. With acres of forest land, miles of beaches and incredible views from towering dunes, the natural beauty of the Oregon Coast is captivating. Equally so, the marine and land flora and fauna that surround us continue to excite each adventure, between the migrating birds, large herds of elk, blooming trillium and abundance of wild berries, there is so much to appreciate. While we want to continue to admire our natural environment and all living things to thrive without disturbance, being able to help rescue and rehabilitate injured wildlife has been something I have really enjoyed doing! 

My first injured wildlife encounter occurred on my way back from Pacific City where I drove past a…

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Steens Mountain is located in the remote Southeastern corner of Oregon—about as far as you could get from the Tillamook area without leaving Oregon! It is less than 50 miles from the Nevada border stretching across more than 30 miles. Most unique is the fact that the wilderness area covers 170,200 Acres!  The terrain is very rugged and known for its jagged peaks and deep gorges, which is the perfect set up for breathtaking views! 

The Steens abruptly rise up from the sagebrush desert to nearly 10,000 feet. This geological monument also forms one of the largest fault-block mountain ranges in the Great Basin.

What makes this area truly amazing is the diverse ecosystem, from lush alpine meadows with bright colorful wildflowers to hidden…

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As the leaves begin to change and the weather starts to shift, Tillamook county comes to life with many Fall related festivities, such as corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and craft nights! There really is so much to do! Below are a few things I have participated in and things that have been recommended to me to do this time of year.

Old house Dahlias is a pumpkin and dahlia farm with hundreds of varieties of vibrant dahlias and a two-acre pumpkin patch. Visiting Old House Dahlias will not only leave you with a cute locally grown pumpkin and a bouquet of flowers, but you can take a hay-ride behind a tractor around the field, which will show you another side to farming in Tillamook County!  Open weekends 10:00AM to 5:00AM, Beginning Saturday October 7…

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In a wonderful turn of events, our local YMCA has made a game-changing acquisition by taking over Tillamook Lanes, the beloved local bowling alley! This significant move not only ensures the preservation of a cherished community landmark but also paves the way for exciting new opportunities, particularly for youth programs.

From bowling leagues to leadership development initiatives, the YMCA, under the enthusiastic leadership of Kaylan Sisco, CEO & Executive Director at Tillamook County Family YMCA, is committed to offering even more avenues for our young members to thrive and enjoy their time.

Several months ago, I embarked on a journey with the YMCA, which has quickly become one of my most fulfilling experiences in recent years. It's the…

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Tillamook offers several fantastic options for finding great bargains while supporting eco-friendly practices. Among the places I’ve had the most success are the Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, Recurrent, and Likely Finds.

Goodwill isn’t just your go-to for the usual suspects like clothes, and housewares; it’s a treasure trove for various other items too. You’ll find everything from charger cords to Halloween costumes, work attire, beachwear, and even unique gift exchange items. Meanwhile, Recurrent specializes in selling clothes, handbags, and jewelry.

Habitat for Humanity stands out for its extensive selection of beautiful furniture and knick-knacks. They excel in presenting holiday items, and they even have a free shed for items that…

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First and foremost,  we’re gonna start with making sure that as adults embarking on this journey, we are in the right mindset to get ready to fish with children. This task is not for the faint of heart and is not the place to put your dreams of catching the largest fish you’ve ever caught or putting dinner on the table. This is purely for the joy of children and to build a relationship with nature that will last a lifetime.

My kids have fished off and on throughout their childhood. I started to expose them to enjoying nature when they were very young. As they got older, I used to avoid taking my kids to fish the river by myself because I was terrified that I was going to catch a large salmon and not know what to do with it.

I’ve since gotten…

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Do you enjoy gardening? Do you have a garden?  Whether you have a large garden or just a handful of potted planters full of vegetables, it can bring joy to you and those around you!  To me gardening has become a deeply rewarding and fulfilling activity that brings me tranquility, mindfulness and a much needed escape from the fast-paced world we live in today!  I truly believe it can enrich our lives in various ways! 

Did you know that spending time in your garden has been shown to actually have therapeutic benefits for your emotional well-being?!?  I didn’t know this until I moved to my dream property in 2021 and was blessed to find a fully established garden already planted full of berries including raspberries, newberries, blueberries and…

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