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The Pelicans are here in Tillamook County – big, beautiful, and in higher numbers than most locals can remember. Apparently, they didn’t get the social distancing memo. It’s all part of their annual migration and soon they will be gone, heading south when things get cooler around here. Cabo San Lucas seems to be a favorite destination for the group, and we can’t argue with their reasoning.

Everyday for the past month, they have been giving us a spectacular show. Extremely proficient fishers, a California Brown Pelican catches about four pounds of fish a day. There’s something satisfying, at an almost primal level, watching prehistoric birds (whose features have changed little in nearly 40 million years) nosedive into the water from a height of 60

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Winter is nearly upon us here on the Oregon Coast, but as most locals know, when the crowds leave, the real magic happens.  Fall and winter bring inspiring sunsets and spectacular storms – both equally beautiful to witness in their own right.   

Without the throng of visitors, it is not uncommon to have the whole beach to yourself for that sublime misty morning walk.  While decent rain gear is a necessity this time of year, for goodness sake, do not bring an umbrella for that walk – this is Oregon after all - and we have a reputation to uphold. 

Mild temperature and great tides make for great clamming and beachcombing. King tides and storms bring dangerous sneaker waves to be watchful of, but also swells and waves worthy of a Herman Melville

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Yes, the days are getting shorter and the appearance of rain is beginning to increase.  Yet, to many locals, autumn is the best time to be at the Oregon coast.  It might be the frequency of still-warm sunny days, the reduced tourist traffic or perhaps the approaching salmon runs. But for some of us, it’s the first of the four months ending with the letter “R.”  To those locals in the know, that means the welcome return of Dungeness crab - the really good ones.


Sure, recreational crabbing is possible year-round in Tillamook County.  However, during the summer, the male crabs are in the process of molting and their shells are not quite full-to-the-rim with meat.   Beginning in September, and continuing for the next 3 months ending in

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The tiny villages of Netarts and Oceanside have long been a draw for artists.
These artists can often be seen painting plein-air, sketching, and photographing the beauty that is spread out before them, while others might find their inspiration walking along the shore or up the surrounding hills.

In addition to serving as a muse, Netarts and Oceanside are host to local events that display and honor its cadre of creatives. The upcoming annual Labor Day weekend Art Show at the Oceanside Community Club (and its sister show during Memorial Day weekend), have been showcasing local artists for more than two decades.

These popular events become the focal point for visitors and residents alike - many taking home their favorite medium - be it a piece

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A great thing about living in Tillamook County is the hiking. It is truly amazing what is available nearly (or literally) at your doorstep. Those fortunate to live in the Netarts-Oceanside area are bookended by two state park properties. Cape Lookout State Park and Cape Meares Lighthouse Refuge, both offer miles and miles of beautiful hiking trails through the coastal temperate rainforest with spectacular views of the mighty Pacific Ocean.

Hikes can be as simple as strolls along the beach, to the more technical, longer distance treks, like to the end of the Cape Lookout headland. Additionally, there are numerous private logging roads in the area that are open for hikers and bicyclists to explore, just watch for the signs which designate the

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